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Black Belt VI

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Up to this point we have dealt mostly with barehanded techniques in terms of self-protection, as well as in terms of a competitive sport. Throws, controlling techniques, kickboxing, grappling, and combinations thereof were part of the successive programs.

In the Black Belt VI A.S.P. program a new dimension is introduced, that of Stick-footfighting for self-protection. A stick is the simplest, most accessible, and most inconspicuous weapon anyone can obtain. Properly handled it can be quite effective, and is well suited for use by weaker persons, particularly with kicks. Furthermore, training in stick-footfighting has great value from the standpoint of A.S.P., because it lends itself admirably to the instinctive application of the Five Principles, while adding another practical facet to a well-rounded body of self-protective knowledge.

The complete subject matter pertaining to the Black Belt VI A. S. P. program is contained in "STICKFIGHTING, A COMPLETE SELF INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR MEN AND WOMEN, by Dr. E. S. Baltazzi, Chas. E. Tuttle, inc., Publisher, Tokyo 1983. Its essential elements are given below:

2.1 Parries

2.2 Retaliations

2.3 Throws

2.4 Controlling Techniques

2.5 Applications

2.6 Stick-footfighting, COMSEK VI.

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