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Class Protocols

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1. Observe the Code of Ethics & By Laws.

2. Greet each student and training partner with a handshake as is customary in western culture.

3. Uniforms should be clean and worn in the proper manner.  Rings, watches, and jewelry of any sort should not be worn in class. 

4. Fingernails and toenails should be kept short to prevent injury to oneself as well as others.

5. Never spar without the attention of the instructor.

6. Profanity, horseplay and recklessness will not be tolerated. There is no gum chewing.

7. If a student is late for class he or she should wait at the rear of the classroom to be recognized by the instructor.

8. It is the responsibility of each student to cooperate in creating a positive atmosphere of training and mutual respect.

9. You cannot buy technique. The monthly membership dues provide a place for training and a way in which to show gratitude for the teaching received.  It is each students responsibility to pay dues on time.

10. There will be no conflicts of ego on the mat.  This is what typically leads to injuries.


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