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Competitive Aspects of ASP

Because ASP includes many facets of self-protection, it comprises four kinds of competition:

(1) technical sparring (a) without and (b) with controlling techniques

(2) combination kicking and striking forms, or "Comsek"

(3) free style kicking and striking and finally,

(4) grappling.

Perfectly safe and accessible to any whole and healthy individual, ASP technical sparring is the basic form of competition and an integral part of each ASP training session. At this first stage, the speed of body reaction is all important and retaliation per se is deemphasized, as explained above. This is the utilitarian aspect of ASP accessible to the majority. ASP technical competition aims to duplicate under safe conditions situations encountered in real life, and to develop in the contestants the capability to react instantly to various attacks. This must be achieved in a sportsmanlike manner and without any injuries. To this effect all attacks must be clearly executed and all defenses must be carried out without brutality. The attacker must desist of his attack once it has been foiled, and the defender must desist of his retaliation once it has achieved its defensive purpose. Inconclusive and/or vague situations must be discontinued at once by common accord of all contestants. Any departure from the above guidelines is penalized. The contestant with the least penalty points wins. Such technical sparring and competition are mainly based on speed of reaction and are aimed at developing coordination and body motion management. It is easily accessible to both sexes: male and female students practice together and co-ed classes are the rule. Children may also participate, thus making, ASP a true family sport. As the student progresses, he is expected to react faster and faster, and to follow up on a given defensive technique. For this reason, graduates of basic ASP spar and compete against two or more opponents and may also use technique combinations. ASP uniforms used at present are judo and karate guis. Special ASP uniforms are in the process of being designed.

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