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Fire Safety

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Survival from fire may depend on how you react in a matter of seconds. Deaths are often caused by lack of preparation and panic.

There is statistical evidence that most home fires happen between midnight and 6:00 a.m. Most people are asleep and ill-prepared to deal with toxic gases, heat, choking and blinding smoke. Smoke kills more people than fire itself.

At home, work out a plan with two alternative escape routes. Feel a door to see if it is hot. If it is, do not open it. Use the alternate escape route. Agree on a meeting place where all members of the family must go in case of fire. Practice an exit plan.

Away from home in a hotel, locate the nearest exit and study carefully the instructions posted in each room in compliance with -the law, concerning what to do in case of fire. Count the number of doors from your room to the nearest staircase, so that you can find it in case of smoke. Never unpack more clothes than you will need immediately. Always be prepared for a fast exit. The lighter you travel the easier it will be. Carry in your luggage a roll of duct tape. It is more efficient for closing air intakes, registers and slits around doors than wet towels. Remember that breathable air is to be found nearest to the floor. Crawl to get out. If your clothes catch fire, roll on the ground until extinguished.


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