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A .S. P. approaches this type of knowledge differently than the well publicized oriental methods. We believe that teaching students the so-called "focusing" at the early stages of their training is not necessary, besides being dangerous. When called for, a well placed kick in one of the many vulnerable areas of the human body, does not have to be focused in order to be very damaging. On the other hand, a focused kick may cause damage out of proportion to the severity of an attack, thus entailing considerable liability on the part of its user. Anyone who has been trained to use only focused kicks and punches, will use them when the opportunity presents itself. Should he attempt to pull back his attack, it will be ineffective and, if he does not, it may be unnecessarily damaging, or even lethal. 

Against a moving target such as the human body, focusing affords little control. On the contrary, if one is trained to deliver ordinary kicks and punches in full balance, making light contact with his target, then he has the choice to use the extra dimension of focusing when the situation calls for it. Having developed an accurate sense of distance and direction, he will have the choice of a target, the type of attack, and its severity. We believe that this degree of freedom of choice is invaluable.

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