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Knife Attacks
Gun Attacks
Stick Grabbing
Stick Attacker 


Most of the following techniques entail at least two situations.

(a) "Before," when an attack is foiled as it is initiated

(b) "Secured," when a grip or some other form of attack has been secured.


It has been assumed that the attack will usually be directed to the hand holding the stick. This is a reasonable assumption. The initial guard of the defender is always indicated where appropriate. Unless the attacker is brought under control via a choke, lock, or immobilization, the defender automatically assumes guard 3 after foiling the attack. In order to avoid repetition, this is not mentioned after each technique.
So as to keep all of the attacker's actions within his field of vision, the defender should look through the attacker's chest, not directly at him, focusing at a point beyond him. This is a general rule true for all techniques and, again, will not be mentioned in each technique.

While practicing, it is very important for the attacker to yield by yelling, stamping his feet, or tapping several times with his free hand, either on his own body, that of his partner, or on the mat. The attack should be stopped as soon as the attacker feels pain, in order to minimize the risk of injury, Note that in the instructions which follow, D (for defender, in black) is the performer of the technique, and A (for attacker; in white) is the initial attacker.


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