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Dr. Baltazzi

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Evan S. Baltazzi, D.Sc., D.Phil.

1919 - 2012

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Evan S. Baltazzi, originator of the self-protection system A.S.P. or (A.S.P.), earned a Doctorate in Physical Sciences (D. Sc., Grade dí Etat) from the Sorbonne, Paris, France, and a Doctorate in Philosophy (D. Phil.) from the University of Oxford, England. He spent all his career in teaching and research. Highly trained in the fighting arts, he was a member of the fencing team of the Faculty of Sciences at the Sorbonne and the Captain of the Oxford University Judo team during his study there. He and his team remained unbeaten and were awarded for the first time the colors. Dr. Baltazzi has achieved the rank of fifth degree Black Belt in Judo (godan) and Aikido, and has received extensive training in savate. Some of Dr. Baltazzi's well known teachers include (in no particular order) Minoru Mochizuki (founder of Yoseikan Aikido), Mikonosuke Kawaishi (founder of the Kawaishi method of Judo), and Koichi Tohei (founder of Ki Society Aikido).

He served as chairman of the Illinois Area Judo Committee, and on the U.S. Olympic and National A.A.U. Committees for two Olympiads. During that same period, he was also the chairman of the National YMCA Judo Committee.  However, he decided to abandon the oriental martial arts in order to devote himself entirely to the development of A.S.P., which he and several others of exceptional competency consider superior from the standpoint of yield in terms of expended effort, degree of retention of the techniques learned over a long period of time, didactic value, and holistic approach, while at least as effective in terms of combative techniques as any martial art. A.S.P. has received international acclaim.  Since 1965, when it was first made public, A.S.P. has an unmatched safety record.  It is ideally suited for fighters and non-fighters alike, including women, children and handicapped persons. A.S.P. has students here and abroad and has received the outstanding YMCA program plaque in Chicago.  In 1990, 1991, and 1993 visitors from Holland, Iceland, and Greece came to study A.S.P. under its originator, Dr. Evan S. Baltazzi.  A.S.P. was acclaimed by several physical educators and Dr. Baltazzi was invited to chair the Health and Physical Education Research Methods conferences for 1969 and 1970 in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Baltazzi also chaired several national and international scientific conferences and symposia and has served on the U.S. Currency Committee of the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council. Among several other awards, Baltazzi was named Citizen of the Year (1964), and was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award (Science, 1965). He organized and chaired the first International Symposium on Organic Photo-conductors (1974) and chaired the first Gordon Research Conference on the same subject (1976). He was an engineering consultant to American, European, and Japanese (Toshiba) companies for ten consecutive years, until his retirement in 1988. A writer and an inventor who lived in Ohio, Dr. Baltazzi has several U.S. and foreign patents and publications to his credit, including the books "Basic American Self-Protection" (Evanel, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978), "Kickboxing: A Safe Sport a Deadly Defense" (Tuttle, 1976, 1981, 1984), and "Stickfighting" (Tuttle, 1983).  He was also the author of several articles on nutrition, religion, and history, as well as a book "Plato and Socrates Trial" (A.H.E.P.A., 1998), including an overview of the contributions of Greek scientists and philosophers the world.  Also, the International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England cited Dr. Baltazzi among the two thousand outstanding scientists of the twentieth century.  Dr. Baltazzi passed away on June, 28, 2012, at his home in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.



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