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13.0 Preparing for Competition

Unless you compete to win, do not compete. You should never even think: "I am competing for the experience, but I know I am not going to win." Whatever the odds, always compete to win, paying the fullest attention to the business at hand. Completely concentrate on your bout, ignoring everything and everybody else except the referee when he intervenes. To win, you must either find or create an opening. You can do so by initiating an attack or by inducing your opponent to attack in a direction in which your predetermined tactics will turn his attack to your advantage. The following tactical schemes will help you:

I. The X Attack a low target and use your opponent's reaction to attack in a diametrically opposed high target. Example: A low direct kick with the right followed by a left circular punch to the head.

II. The Triangle Attack right-left low then right high, or vice versa. Example: Right low direct, left low direct, right high direct kicks, respectively directed to the left shinbone, the right shinbone and to the inner thigh.

III. The Criss-Cross Attack right low-left medium-right high. Example: Right low direct kick to the shin; left side of foot to the inner thigh; right circular kick to the midriff.

IV. The Enticement Drop your guard to the mid-section, uncovering the face. As opponent throws a punch to the face, counter with an instep kick to the inner thigh. Naturally, these are only examples among a great number of possibilities. Remember, nothing will replace free sparring.


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