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"And if it is a fear you would dispel, the seat of that fear is in your heart and not in the hand of the feared."

"The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran, 1923


A.S.P. was first conceived in 1954 and made public in 1965 at the West Suburban YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, LaGrange, Illinois. By now it is known in the five continents. Much has been accomplished during that time in terms of selecting and organizing material, refining teaching methods, and steering clear from detrimental compromises for the sake of expediency.

The author has realized that while combative knowledge is the most spectacular facet of self-protection, it is not the most important one. Yet, it can be used as a means to develop the necessary attributes. Besides combative knowledge for self-defense and sport, A.S.P. addresses all important aspects of self-protection in a simple, direct, practical way.

Over the years, scores of letters were received from all over the World, the majority from martial artists and educators.

Rather than using an authoritarian approach, the author has consistently encouraged participation by his students and submission of ideas within the guidelines of A.S.P. Anything alive is bound to grow, evolve, and change. A.S.P. is no exception. A system thoroughly tested for its validity as a teaching tool and a practical method for holistic self protection and physical fitness, A.S.P. is accessible to any healthy person, even if he/she is endowed with below average ability.

Evan S. Baltazzi


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