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A.S.P.A Mission & Organization: 

Our mission is to disseminate A.S.P. and to conduct research in the field of holistic self protection.  The American Self Protection Association, Inc. is a not for profit corporation of Ohio, U.S.A. 


The list presented below includes all instructors whether they are currently active in A.S.P.A or not.  Accredited instructors must show proof of current membership with the American Self Protection Association. 

We encourage all active instructors to send us a biographical sketch, photo, and contact information. 


Rank Last First City State Country
Founder Baltazzi Evan S. Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB9 Cook Gary A. Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB9 Schultz Troy L. Stow OH USA
BB8 Phillips James H. Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB7 Mandzak Paul Seven Hills OH USA
BB7 Ritacco Rick Berwyn IL USA
BB6 Menting Michael Haarlem HOLLAND HOLLAND
BB6 Metropulos Pete Twinsburg OH USA
BB6 Mitson Cris Akron OH USA
BB6 Rue James Donora PA USA
BB6 Tempel Kees Eindhoven HOLLAND HOLLAND
BB4 Baltazzi James Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB4 Davis Wayne Travelers Rest SC USA
BB4 Garrick Don Joanna SC USA
BB4 Kirkbride Ken Los Angel CA USA
BB4 Marquardt Duane Boulder Jct. WI USA
BB4 O'Neil Erin OakPark IL USA
BB4 Ritacco Donna Berwyn IL USA
BB4 Smith James Fayette City PA USA
BB3 Bar John Addison IL USA
BB3 Barber Walter OakPark IL USA
BB3 Capehart Phil St.Albans WV USA
BB3 Cowling Don Madison WI USA
BB3 Donars Dave Brookfield IL USA
BB3 Frank Josef Welzheim GERMANY GERMANY
BB3 Grena Fred Brownsville PA USA
BB3 Holman James Humbolt NE USA
BB3 Hulme Ken Salt Lake City UT USA
BB3 Macdonnell Tim Darien IL USA
BB3 Orsatti Anita Bentleyville PA USA
BB3 Palaisa Marge Uniontown PA USA
BB3 Rohner Dean Brookfield IL USA
BB3 Rubin Jack Westchester IL USA
BB3 Schuett Art LaGrange Pk IL USA
BB3 Schultz Howard Chicago IL USA
BB2 Applegate Randy Donora PA USA
BB2 Baley Charles Berwyn IL USA
BB2 Byrnes Roger Berwyn IL USA
BB2 Cavrich Charles Camphill PA USA
BB2 Covi Thomas Niles IL USA
BB2 Feery John LaGrange Pk IL USA
BB2 Fronczek Laurie NewIberia LA USA
BB2 Harold Scott Akron OH USA
BB2 Hutchko John New Eagle PA USA
BB2 Jelen Ray Berwyn IL USA
BB2 Johnston Douglas Skokie IL USA
BB2 Kiester David Joliet IL USA
BB2 Kollodge Ken Fairbanks AK USA
BB2 Kubista Raymond Middleton WI USA
BB2 Kyziridis Gregory Thessaloniki GREECE GREECE
BB2 Lane Thomas Salem OR USA
BB2 Mandato Nicholas Brunswick OH USA
BB2 Novak Keith Akron OH USA
BB2 Offerdahl Dave LaGrange IL USA
BB2 Pellettiere George Chicago IL USA
BB2 Smith Skip Easley SC USA
BB2 Stanislawski Gregory Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB2 Stroh Edward Chicago IL USA
BB1 Aiello John Berwyn IL USA
BB1 Ambrose Thomas Monessen PA USA
BB1 Angel Graham Deniliquin AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA
BB1 Baltazzi Maria LosAngeles CA USA
BB1 Baltazzi Nellie Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB1 Baltazzi Vittoria San Francisco CA USA
BB1 Baugh Chris Stickney IL USA
BB1 Bem Mike OakPark IL USA
BB1 Bemi Mike Westchester IL USA
BB1 Biewenga Bill LaGrange IL USA
BB1 Blotteaux Ray Mount Prospect IL USA
BB1 Blotteaux Carol Mount Prospect IL USA
BB1 Brija Gerry Brookfield IL USA
BB1 Brown Sharon Belle Vernon PA USA
BB1 Brown Steve Travelers Rest SC USA
BB1 Bruce Lee Holbrook Nitro WV USA
BB1 Buescher Bud Lille IL USA
BB1 Carlson Ronald Chicago IL USA
BB1 Cernohouz Dianne Brookfield IL USA
BB1 Cherry John Ashville NC USA
BB1 Chiedor Denis Webster PA USA
BB1 Choquette Ronald N. Attleboro MA USA
BB1 Cole Robert Humboldt NE USA
BB1 Couse Nicholas Falls City NE USA
BB1 Cox Rodney F. Baluzyn Victoria AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA
BB1 Crissey Willis Akron OH USA
BB1 Dailey Harry Madison WI USA
BB1 Dastych Ted Lemont IL USA
BB1 Dastych Larry Joliet IL USA
BB1 Davis Larry Travelers Rest SC USA
BB1 Dimitriadis Eugene Thessaloniki GREECE GREECE
BB1 Drauden Nancy Joliet IL USA
BB1 Dubina Marissa Akron OH USA
BB1 Engess Betty LaGrange IL USA
BB1 Fain Kemp P. Jr. Knoxville TN USA
BB1 Feery Alice M. LaGrange IL USA
BB1 Ferraro Rdward McKeesport PA USA
BB1 Fichtner Robert Brookfie IL USA
BB1 Foissy Roger Montreal PQ CANADA
BB1 Fridricks Jeff Falls City NE USA
BB1 Fulmer Joseph Simpsonville SC USA
BB1 Gaimari Robert Lyons IL USA
BB1 Garrett Ilona Westchester IL USA
BB1 Goring William New York City NY USA
BB1 Hamm George Oxnard CA USA
BB1 Hanes Jon Chicago IL USA
BB1 Herbert Ralph Greendale WI USA
BB1 Herbert Judith Greendale WI USA
BB1 Kevin Harold Akron OH USA
BB1 Hock Chris Akron OH USA
BB1 House Gene Prattville AL USA
BB1 Hueneke Trudy LaGrange IL USA
BB1 Ingersoll Clifford Lille IL USA
BB1 Ivkovic Ivana Oakbrook IL USA
BB1 Ivkovic Ana Oakbrook IL USA
BB1 Ivkovic Zrinka Oakbrook IL USA
BB1 Janich Mike Chicago IL USA
BB1 Joern Charles LaGrange IL USA
BB1 Jones Robert Taylors SC USA
BB1 Julius Cynthia Massillion OH USA
BB1 Julius Tirzah Massillion OH USA
BB1 Klott Fred Cape May Courthouse NJ USA
BB1 Kowacic Lorena Fayetteville PA USA
BB1 Kronenburg Craig Hinsdale IL USA
BB1 Kukura Lewis Youngstown OH USA
BB1 Kumar Harvinder Lhudiana INDIA INDIA
BB1 Leazzo Anthony Cicero IL USA
BB1 Loess Sharon Belle Vernon PA USA
BB1 Marquardt Joyce Boulder Jct. WI USA
BB1 Metropolus Keith Twinsburg OH USA
BB1 Miller Monica Berwyn IL USA
BB1 Modelski Judy Fredericksburg VA USA
BB1 Morgan  Daniel Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB1 Mowery Daniel Lombard IL USA
BB1 Mucha Gerald Chicago IL USA
BB1 Novak Keith Cuyahoga Falls OH USA
BB1 Olafsson Jon AltaLoma IL USA
BB1 Orsatti Mark Bentleyville PA USA
BB1 Pellettiere Hugo Chicago IL USA
BB1 Pelz Edward Cuyahoga Falls OH USA
BB1 Phillips Tim ValleyView OH USA
BB1 Plummer Philip Martinvil IN USA
BB1 Proft Richard Brookfield IL USA
BB1 Reffner Mark Berwyn IL USA
BB1 Rinaldi Rinaldo Milano ITALY ITALY
BB1 Ritacco Bob Berwyn IL USA
BB1 Rizzo James Joliet IL USA
BB1 Ross Graham Downers Grove IL USA
BB1 Ross Bill Westmont IL USA
BB1 Rothschild Elliott Lincolnwood IL USA
BB1 Schaar Steve Cuyahoga Falls OH USA
BB1 Schaar Dan Cuyahoga Falls OH USA
BB1 Scheuffler Paul Lemont IL USA
BB1 Schriber Jim Winton CA USA
BB1 Senift Mike Joliet IL USA
BB1 Seydoe Mitch Mckeesport PA USA
BB1 Seydor Linda Mckeesport PA USA
BB1 Skoglund Toni Hinsdale IL USA
BB1 Skoglund Harry Hinsdale IL USA
BB1 Smith John F. Stickney IL USA
BB1 Strickland John Columbia SC USA
BB1 Stropoli Johnathon Cuyahoga Falls OH USA
BB1 Stull Richard Arcata CA USA
BB1 Testa Dan CoalCity IL USA
BB1 Truncale Jim Glenview IL USA
BB1 Villareal Steve Chicago IL USA
BB1 Volling Patrick Elmhurs IL USA
BB1 Wallace David Sagamore Hills OH USA
BB1 Wasiak Matthew Broadview IL USA
BB1 Wheat Charles OakPark IL USA
BB1 Wilson Mary Chicago IL USA
BB1 Winkers Ron StatenIsland NY USA
BB1 Yesensky Bill Charleroi PA USA

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