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BOOK PREFACE: Kickboxing; A Safe Sport, A Deadly Defense

Thousands of sports fans have turned to kick-boxing for kicks. But only a comparative few are aware of the immense scientific know-how behind those jarring kicks and stinging punches that add to thrills - and one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Here is the first authoritative book for the general public on this "safe sport," which is also a "deadly defense." Dr. Evan S. Baltazzi served as chairman of the Metropolitan Chicago YMCA Sports, Health and Physical Education Council and was a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee for Judo for two consecutive Olympiads. A noted judo, aikido and savate instructor, the author is also the originator of the American Self-Protection (A.S.P.), a system of self-defense based on body-mind coordination. A.S.P. has been specifically developed with the needs of the occidental public in mind. It is being taught in several YMCAs and schools. The emphasis on body-mind coordination is exemplified in this book with "concentration-relaxation" an exercise which affords all the benefits claimed by the various forms of "meditation," and more. A.S.P. has been recently introduced as a training system for the agents of the Illinois Bureau of Investigation (I.B.I.).

It offers a program leading to the rank of Black Belt A.S.P. in Law Enforcement. Dr. Baltazzi has been interviewed on various TV shows on his revolutionary new approach to fighting arts and sports. Kickboxing, as described in this artfully illustrated book, has all the attributes of a sport and of a fighting art; it is devised and developed so that it can be practiced safely by a broad cross-section of the public. Dr. Baltazzi goes into interesting and meticulous detail about preparatory exercises, stance and footwork; parries and dodges; kicks, punches and throws, and special routines based upon the fundamental techniques and moves of kickboxing. Of particular interest, many of the techniques used in boxing can be applied to kickboxing. These are discussed in the important chapter which draws a parallel between boxing and kickboxing practices and techniques. While the principles are the same in both sports, the tactics are significantly different. The two appendices in this pioneer work round out and complete the instruction. They are: "Kickboxing Competition Rules" and "Excerpts from Interviews of the Author on Various T.V. Shows." The rules listed pertain to amateur bouts; professional bouts follow the same general rules, with additional safeguards.

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