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YMCA Program of The Year Award 1967.PDF

Suburban Life 1967.PDF

Presidents Council On Physical Fitness 1968.PDF

Presidents Council On Physical Fitness 1968-2.PDF

Suburban Life 1968.PDF

Suburban Life 1969.PDF

Suburban Life 1969B.PDF

Suburban Life 1969C.PDF

Suburban Life 1969D.PDF

Chicago Tribune 1969.PDF

The Citizen 1969.PDF

Suburban Life 1970.PDF

Suburban Life 1970B.PDF

Suburban Life 1970C.PDF

The Herald 1970.PDF

Westchester News 1970.PDF

Women - Chicago Tribune 1970.PDF

Pioneer Press 1970.PDF

Suburban Life 1971.PDF

Westchester News 1971.PDF

The Bugle 1971.PDF

Journal of Physical Education 1973.PDF

GJM van Zantwijk - Holland 1974.PDF

Federation Nationale DE Boxe Francaise 1975 .PDF

Graham Angel - Australia 1976.PDF

Valley Independent 1976.PDF

Germany 1982.PDF

MAF 1982.PDF

Ajai K Sinha New Deli 1982.PDF

Dundalk College 1988.PDF

Dundalk College 1988-2.PDF

Presidents Council On Physical Fitness 1989.PDF

Havander Kumar India 1989.PDF

Training in the Netherlands - Dr. Baltazzi's Dutch Students.PDF

Nordonia Newsleader 1990.PDF

Akron Beacon Journal 1993.PDF

Bogett 1994.PDF

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