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Several articles and books on A.S.P. have been published (see Below).


Books out of print now are Basic American Self-Protection (Evanel), Kickboxing, A Safe Sport, A Deadly Defense (Tuttle), and Stickfighting (Tuttle).  Articles on various A.S.P. topics and techniques are to be found in A.S.P. newsletters.


Self Protection Complete, The A.S.P. Method (1991); A hardbound, illustrated book containing all the A.S.P. programs from Novice to Black Belt X, A.S.P. is available.




1. An interesting overview of the philosophy and methods used by the American Self-Protection Association (A.S.P.A.) Inc., is to be found in The Art of American Self-Protection, by Evan S. Baltazzi, Journal of Physical Education (YMCA), March-April 1968, pp 118-119

2. American Self-Protection, A Critical Approach To Martial Arts, by E. S. Baltazzi, American Judoman (U.S.J.A.) September-October 1969, pp. 10-13

3. An account of A.S.P. as a YMCA sport is to be found in the Journal of Physical Education, March-April 1971, pp.89-92: Sports, Health and Physical Education Methods Research Conferences. A Far Reaching Experiment within The YMCA, by E. S. Baltazzi, Chairman.

4. The A.S.P. approach to kickboxing is explained in Kickboxing For Sport And Self-Defense, by E. S. Baltazzi, Journal of Physical Education, January-February 1973, pp. 47-49

5. American Self-Protection (Self-Defense takes a new turn, becomes a new sport, produces a new book), by E. S. Baltazzi, Journal of Physical Education, July August 1973, p.137. In this article are included several testimonials from YMCAs where A.S.P. is being taught

6. A Novel Approach To The Combative Arts and Sports, published in three issues of Inside Kung Fu, E. S. Baltazzi explains the competitive and combative aspects of A.S.P..: Vol. 4, No. 4, June 1977, pp. 28,30 and 48; Vol. 4, No. 5, July 1977, pp. 12, 13 and 54; Vol. 4, No. 6, August 1977, pp. 32, 33 and 37

7. The leading Italian martial arts magazine, Super Banzai, published in four installments, an exclusive interview with Dr. Baltazzi by Steve Seamus, titled American Self-Protection. This abundantly illustrated interview covers various aspects of A.S.P.. Super Banzai, December 1981, pp. 25-27; January 1982, pp. 49-51; February 198Z pp. 30-32; March 1982, pp.40-42

8. The Stickflghter s Guide To Self-Defense, by E. S. Baltazzi, Inside Karate, July 1985, pp. 64-68; it explains the A.S.P.. approach to stickfighting

9. Low Impact Self-Defense Aerobic Exercises, by E. S. Baltazzi, Women s Self-Defense, March 1994, pp.30-35 (premier issue)

10. Simple But Effective Self-Defense Techniques, by E. S. Baltazzi, Women s Self-Defense, June 1994, pp. 26-31

11. BasIc American Self-Protection, by E. S.. Baltazzi, Evanel Associates. publishers, Northfield, OH, 1972; second printing 1976; third printing 1978; fourth printing 1981. Contains the complete program from Novice Red Belt to Black Belt A.S.P., and is the official textbook of A.S.P.A., Inc. [OUT OF PRINT, AVAILABLE ON-LINE], 

12. Klckboxing - A Safe Sport, A Deadly Defense, by E. S. Baltazzi, Chas. E. Tuttle, Rutland VT, publishers, 1976; second printing 1981; third printing 1984. [OUT OF PRINT, AVAILABLE ON-LINE].

13. Stickfighting - A Practical Guide for Self-Protection. Complete Instruction Manual for Men and Women, by E. S. Baltazzi, Chas. E. Tuttle, Tokyo, Japan, publishers, 1983. Contains the complete A.S.P. stickfighting method for sport and self-defense. [OUT OF PRINT, Available On-line]

14. Self-Protection Complete. The A.S.P. System. A Complete System of Holistic Body-Mind Self-Protection. For Mental and Physical Fitness. For Self-Defense and Prevention.  For Sport, by E. S.. Baltazzi, Evanel Associates, publishers, 1991. Contains all the Official Programs from Novice to Black Belt X degree A.S.P. inclusive.


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