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"Your approach to total self-protection is of interest to me and I would like to be kept informed of any further developments. I would very much appreciate receiving a copy of your book when it is published."

J.P.W. Administrator of the Presidentís Council on Physical Fitness, Washington, D.C.

"I have found the A.S.P. textbook to be well worth the price. The definitions of techniques are well written in logical step by step order, correlated superbly with pictures. There are no wasted words, sentences or empty and unrelated ideas. Every sentence carries a thought. Consequently, I must say that the material in the book is intellectually stimulating and challenging. The book has an in-depth character. This can best be exemplified in the techniques. Not only are they well defined and illustrated but also in many cases the reasoning behind their inclusion is explained . . . The psychosomatic exercises have true advantages in mental hygiene and personal health . . . I found that the techniques (are) organized into belt levels and a programmed type of learning (can) easily be followed by the student . . . The advanced black belt degree programs fundamentally resort back to the same underlying principles as professed in the basic text. In my opinion, a truly organizational and educational feat. In time this pioneer work may prove to be a fighting art classic."

J.G.S., M. Ed., BB-IV Belle Vernon, PA

". . . The basic techniques . . . are very good indeed. When you make a book for higher degrees please inform me, for I will buy this book too."

G.Z., BB-VII Jujitsu, Utrecht, Holland

"Iíve re-read your Kickboxing book and itís really the greatest."

S.F., Kingston, N. S., Canada

"I am very impressed with A.S.P. and I would like to join your organization and purchase your other books."

J.F., Welzheim, West Germany

"I wholeheartedly agree with your common sense views . . . I bought your three books and I would like to purchase your advanced A.S.P. book."

Dr. R.F., Montreal, Canada

"I am a police officer and self-defense instructor . . . and I was most impressed by your A.S.P. program and would like the opportunity to teach the system in this country."

J.H., London, England

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