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The main purpose in creating this web site was to make available the American Self-Protection System to the general public and to the members of the American Self-Protection Association (A.S.P.A.), Inc. in the U.S. and abroad. 

Even persons without any experience in A.S.P., who do not wish to follow its promotional progression will be able to understand, practice, and benefit from the exercises and information at this web site. Those who wish to progress in A.S.P rank will find the complete program from Novice to Black Belt X.  We have adopted a belt ranking system only because of its didactic and psychological value.

In order to derive full benefit from A.S.P, one should follow its progression as presented. While A.S.P. techniques taken out of context are quite effective, they lose much of their didactic value in terms of yield and degree of retention. Their progression follows the same consistent philosophy as in earlier volumes devoted to the ancillary programs of kickboxing and stickfighting A.S.P.

By involving manís instinct of self-preservation in training as well as in competition, A.S.P. reaches deeper than sports where the object is either to score points by well placing a ball, or winning a race. It also reaches deeper than other overspecialized contact sports because it is so much broader in scope and instead of just lip service, A.S.P. affords its practitioners a real opportunity to involve their minds as well.

Combative knowledge is the most spectacular part of A.S.P. but not the most important one. Indeed, one may live all his life without ever being attacked physically, but he has to live with himself every single day.

Our modern lifestyles involve interests and activities in numbers and diversity unknown to earlier generations. It becomes rather obvious that any system of self-protection based on self-improvement must afford high yields in terms of efficiency and degree of retention of the acquired knowledge, if it is to reach a large number of people in a world driven by fads.

In summation, A.S.P. is a method for developing motor skills, which has been successfully applied to many areas of self-protection.


I. Introductory Level (See Novice Red Belt):

To assist the student in deciding if he/she wants to take the promotional path, while giving him/her some practically useful self-protective knowledge.

II. Basic Promotional Levels:

Leading to the rank of Black Belt I, II, and III degrees. This level offers well-rounded self-protective knowledge, accessible to anyone with modest athletic capabilities wishing to exert him/herself moderately.

III. Intermediate and IV. Advanced Promotional Levels:

For those wishing to acquire well-rounded self-protective expertise.  Intermediate includes Black Belt IV, V, and VI degrees.  Advanced includes Black Belt VII through X.  

The primary source of information for the A.S.P. "Main Program" is taken directly from the following four references:

A. Kickboxing - A Safe Sport, A Deadly Defense, by E. S. Baltazzi, Chas. E. Tuttle, Rutland VT, publishers, 1976; second printing 1981; third printing 1984. [OUT OF PRINT BUT AVAILABLE ON-LINE CLICK HERE]

B. Basic American Self-Protection, by E. S.. Baltazzi, Evanel Associates. publishers, Northfield, OH, 1972; second printing 1976; third printing 1978; fourth printing 1981. Contains the complete program from Novice Red Belt to Black Belt A.S.P., and was the official textbook of A.S.P.A., Inc. [OUT OF PRINT BUT AVAILABLE ON-LINE CLICK HERE]

C. Stickfighting - A Practical Guide for Self-Protection. Complete Instruction Manual for Men and Women, by E. S. Baltazzi, Chas. E. Tuttle, Tokyo, Japan, publishers, 1983. Contains the complete A.S.P. stickfighting method for sport and self-defense. [OUT OF PRINT BUT AVAILABLE ON-LINE CLICK HERE].

The current updated text available from Dr. Baltazzi is:

D. Self-Protection Complete. The A.S.P. System. A Complete System of Holistic Body-Mind Self-Protection. For Mental and Physical Fitness. For Self-Defense and Prevention.  For Sport, by E. S.. Baltazzi, Evanel Associates, publishers. Contains all the Official Programs from Novice to Black Belt X degree A.S.P. inclusive.


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